We offer an all-encompassing tax service, including tax planning, tax consulting, tax compliance (tax returns) and tax reviews.

Tax Planning Services

  • Consultation on all tax matters, including income tax, VAT, dividend withholding tax, capital gains tax, employees’ taxes and corporate and individual taxes;
  • Capital Gains Tax planning;
  • Drafting of employee service agreements, dual service agreements and remuneration policy documents for employers;
  • Advising on VAT apportionment issues and methodology and requesting authorisation from SARS for the use of an alternative apportionment method;
  • Advising on inter-company supplies for VAT purposes and the drafting of VAT agency agreements where required;
  • Applications to SARS for advanced tax rulings and tax directives;
  • Expatriate and employees’ tax services, including compliance services, structuring the total cost to company of the employee for maximum tax efficiency, secondment planning and advising local and foreign employers of their withholding obligations;
  • Assisting clients with the financial aspects of the emigration process, including planning the tax affairs, applying to the South African Reserve Bank for approval for the remittance of assets and funds;
  • Advising foreign individuals, trading entities and trusts on South Africa’s tax residency laws;
  • Advising on the relevance of any Double Taxation Agreement between South Africa and the home country, and applying treaty relief where appropriate;
  • Assessing whether service providers constitute labour brokers, personal service companies or independent contractors for tax purposes;
  • Tax opinion work on all tax issues affecting local taxpayers and foreign investors into South Africa - both corporate and individual; and
  • Applications on behalf of Public Benefit Organisations for tax exemption.

Compliance Matters

  • Liaison with the SARS on behalf of clients;
  • All registrations, de-registrations and amending tax payers’ details (for income tax, VAT, PAYE, SDL, UIF etc), including applications to change the tax period for VAT purposes;
  • Preparation and submission of all statutory returns (income tax, provisional tax, DWT, VAT, EMP201 and EMP 501, IRP5 certificates etc);
  • Income tax, provisional tax, VAT, donations tax, estate duty, transfer duty, DWT and CGT computations;
  • Preparing and submission of reallocation requests to SARS to clear clients’ account balances;
  • Checking SARS assessments and preparing objections and appeals where necessary;
  • Preparation of working papers and supporting documentation for SARS verification reviews; and
  • Assistance during SARS audits, including site meetings and preparation of responses to audit findings.

Reviews and Audits

  • Review of tax efficiency of business structures and advising on alternative structures where appropriate;
  • Conducting diagnostic payroll reviews;
  • Conducting of VAT and tax audits;
  • Conducting import and export reviews to confirm documentary requirements for VAT purposes; and
  • Conducting VAT savings reviews.


  • Seminars to employees on tax planning and compliance issues; and
  • VAT Compliance and Planning Workshops.