We provide strategic support to delinquent taxpayers to regularise their tax affairs in the most efficient way. Subsequent to a “tax health check” to assess the extent of the problem, an action plan is recommended, including updating the accounting records if required, computing the estimated tax liability and preparing the outstanding returns accordingly.


Depending on the nature and the extent of the transgression(s), clients may be advised to apply for relief in terms of SARS’ Voluntary Disclosure Programme (VDP), including the following:

  • preparing of a detailed submission, including completion of the application form, setting out the details;
  • following up with SARS to expedite the application;
  • completion and submission of outstanding returns and assistance with payments; and
  • discussions with SARS regarding the VDP settlement agreement.

Managing Tax Debt

We have extensive experience in negotiations with SARS on behalf of clients with outstanding tax debt. These services include:

  • an assessment interview to confirm the background facts, to assess the client’s financial position and to decide on an action plan;
  • contacting SARS’ Debt Management Department requesting a stay of legal action, as well as setting up a meeting with the relevant SARS consultant and/or supervisor;
  • preparation of deferred payment and/or settlement offer to be submitted to SARS, including submission of outstanding returns if applicable;
  • ongoing discussions with SARS until a settlement agreement is reached; and
  • arrangements regarding the rescindment of judgements if required.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Meetings

Tax disputes with SARS may be resolved by way of an ADR once an appeal has been noted, provided the matter is appropriate for settlement. In addition to the preparation of objections and appeals, we also represent clients at ADR meetings.